I am Facilitrix Helen – a coach, a facilitator and a trainer.  Welcome to the home page of my “NEW” and” IMPROVED” website. Please be patient as we work hard in getting everything up and running properly.

It is so very nice to have you drop by for a visit. I am very pleased and honoured to have you as my guest. I truly hope that you will find a little tibit or a huge aha that you can take away with you.
The Right Work for me … at this juncture is to coach, train and or facilitate those working in the helping professions, successfully respond to the fatigue, stress, anxiety and burnout of their work, allowing space for joy. I assist people working in the “high touch” and/or “high content” helping professions of coaching, process facilitation, consulting, counsellors training, freelancers, small business owners, personal services, human resource, leadership: managers, supervisors, directors, and human service sectors: health, education, social work, child welfare, community living.
My  site will provide you with an overview of my philosophy, my background as well as the various programs and services that I offer. Links to my other websites with more specific details on each of the programs and services have been provided.

You will also find my blog featuring my insights, thoughts, struggles, lessons learned, questions that I struggle with, resources that I have uncovered and so much more. I hope that these articles will spark a dialogue in you and with others.

My Life’s Theme is to … search for knowledge, learn how to love myself, and find space for joy.

My Life’s Purpose is to … become the very best person I can be by learning and growing from the knowledge and wisdom gathered from my formal education, training, University of Experience insights and the School of Hard Knocks lessons.

My Life’s Calling is to … help others survive and thrive the  day to day stresses, adversity and traumatic events avoiding the depletion of their most precious commodity –  physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.



Facilitrix Helen

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