Does the dialogue in your team meetings seem to drag on as participants struggle to focus on the task at hand?

Are your leaders unable to fully participate in meetings of critical importance to the organization because they are too busy facilitating the group’s process?

Are your discussions dissolving into debate with participants being too tired and frustrated to actually make of decisions? Do you want more dialogue and less debate?

If you answered YES to any of these questions your next meeting will benefit from the services of an external trained certified Group/Process Facilitator. Our clients say we are the best at providing various approaches, methods and processes to foster and develop dialogue within teams, organizations and communities.

For those really important meetings let HELEN J. WYTHE & Associates professional facilitator’s focus on the group process so all of the participants including the leadership can focus on the matter at hand. We specialize in the use of facilitation methodologies, activities, tools and techniques to help people explore, learn, change and create strategic plans.

For those really important meetings look no further than HELEN J. WYTHE & AssociatesFostering Dialogue

Do your meetings get bogged down with too much fluff and not enough stuff – actual business? 

Does your group keep discussing the same issue every meeting without ever making a decision?

Do issues that were discussed and decided on in previous meetings re-emerge without implementation only to be rehashed?

If you answered YES to any of these questions your Team needs to raise the bar on its meeting facilitation skills.

Those who have participated in our training sessions say that we provide some of the very best training they have ever attended.

Look no further than HELEN J. WYTHE & Associates   The Learning Zone

Do you want to accelerate your career or expand your knowledge and opportunities in a specific area?

Do you feel isolated and long for fresh
 perspectives, accountability and inspiration to 
help you maintain focus and achieve your goals?

Are you ready to leap forward with your business, but you spend your time just getting your job done? 

Our clients say that our MasterMind Groups have been one of the best investments that they have ever made.

Look no further than HELEN J. WYTHE & Associates The Facilitative Coach